A large part of your work as a Teacher Aide in the classroom will be working with children and technology. There are thousands upon thousands of interactive literacy websites out there on the World Wide Web. Some are great, others not so great. Some meet the needs of the student, others not so much.
It will be mostly the teacher’s job to recommend websites but you also have a responsibility to determine if websites are suitable for your student/s.


Visit some literacy website (there will be some listed in the resources section or you might like to be adventurous and google some others)
Have a look around, play any games etc. Think about how it could be used to help students learn.


Choose 3 Reading, 3 writing and 3 spelling/grammar sites and write a report.
Include in this report:
  • The web address
  • If it requires sign up
  • What year level it would be suitable for and why?
  • What skills it is promoting?
  • Does it succeed in reinforcing that skill?
  • Why/Why not?
  • Would you use it with children who require extra assistance? Why?


Into the book Is an interactive site that takes students through Comprehension strategies
Tumblebooks (accessible through Local Library site) Online Storybooks
Starfall Phonics
Reading Rockets Reading games
Mrs Warners fourth grade classroom Classroom blog with lots of links
Storybird Allows children to write stories using beautiful artwork
ABCya Lots of interactive literacy games
Bitesize (upper) BBC Education games
Bitesize (Middle)
Bitesize (Junior)
Reading Resources List lots of sites for Dyslexia


You are expected to finish this webquest. The purpose of this activity is that:
  • You become familiar with internet resource that will engage and assist in student learning
  • You become a critical thinker and analyse resources to ensure they fit the needs of your students

The results of this webquest will be presented to the class on Thursday. It may be presented any way you wish.

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